Farm Raised With Animal Welfare in Mind 

Pasture-Raised Farm Fresh Eggs and Meat with Organic Feed

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We Are A Small Farmstead

Located in beautiful Townsend, MA for over 17 years. "Nissiquassick Hill" is the original Native American name for this hill, and we are at the top of it.

Free-Ranging Layer Hens

Our layer hens roam our sheep pens and open areas, nourished on a natural diet of bugs, clover and grass, which studies have shown result in farm fresh eggs higher in vitamins, minerals and lower in cholesterol, which we supplement with Green Mountain organic pelletized grain. No hormones - all natural.


Sheep & Goats

Our livestock graze on our pasture and forage from our surrounding woodlands. We supplement this diet with lots of fresh water, organic hay and grain, and love in the "higher-welfare" method.


Broiler Chickens

Twice-per-year we raise broiler chickens in a cage-free environment with access to the outdoors, where — as with our layer hens — they nibble on green grass, clover and bugs, while feeding them an organic broiler grower crumble.

Our Farm-Raised Products

Visit our farm cart on Brown Rd during regular business hours for fresh eggs, and veggies when in season. Email to purchase meat or yarn(s).

Photos of Our Farm

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What Our Customers Say

It's always rewarding when people tell us that they enjoy the food we produce.

"Loved the Goat Greek Sausage! My first forkful smacked of delicious oregano. Glad you've got lots!"

Joan S.

"I've been buying eggs from Nissiquassick Hill Farmstead for over 5 years. I've never been dissappointed. Love them! The yolks stand up firm and are a deep yellow color."

Susan C.

Our Partners

Companies we are proud to do business with.
Green Mountain Certified Organic
USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service
Blood Farm Meat Processing
Bators Farm Chicken Processing
Adams Farm Meat Processing

Get in Touch

Thanks for visiting. Please contact us for more information about our products.

We welcome inquiries about purchasing our farm-raised products and from other farmers interested in the farming life, raising Icelandic Sheep, Boer Goats and Chickens. Have a nice day!

  • 249 Wallace Hill Rd, Townsend, MA 01469